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Situated to the South-West of the Indian Ocean (21° South, 55° East), 230 km south-west of Mauritius and 800 km east of Madagascar, Réunion Island covers an area of 2500km². It is a French overseas territory and as such has the same legal infrastructure and currency as France. This Island, of volcanic origin, has two major mountain zones; the Cirque de Cilaos and the Cirque de Mafate, and an active volcano Piton-de-la-fournaise, which erupts fairly regularly.

The coastline is mainly made up of cliffs and rocky beaches eroded by the waves. From West to South, a belt of coral reefs barely 8,000 years old and over 30 km long, shelters the sandy beaches from the open sea. Discover the magical abundance of the fauna and flora of the ocean floor, the beautiful corals, fish and other marine creatures.

Throughout the island, many activities are available on various terrains from hiking, biking, and climbing in the mountains; to kayaking and aquatic canyoning in the sea or rivers;paragliding and parachuting or in the air! But don’t forget to rest and breathe for a moment, by the sea on the white sands gently warm by the sun, or in the island’s nature park. The weather is ideal, Réunion benefits from a tropical climate softened by the breezes of the Indian Ocean. The sun shines down all year round, especially in the North, West and South of the island.

The accommodation available in Réunion ranges from Hotels, villas, guest houses, and apartments among others, rated from 1 to 4 stars.

And then there is the food! You will find local delicacies and culinary sensations, reflecting the different cultures of the Island. You can taste local traditional food like the “Rougaille Saucisse”, and “Cari ti-vitesse” as well as the Occidental and Asian foods, traditional to the multi-racial people living in Réunion originating from Madagascar, Africa, China, and beyond!

If after you have had your fill of activities and gastronomy and you need to unwind and revitalise, try a Spa or wellness centre, which you can find all over the island. You will discover peace of mind and deep relaxation under knowing hands, enjoying massage and other treatments.

The exotic gardens, the white sand, and the beautiful beach sunsets unite to provide the ideal ingredients for honeymooners. Hotels offer honeymooners intimate and peaceful sanctuaries to enjoy. During your honeymoon trip to Réunion, you can let romance flow over twenty miles of beaches, from Saint-Paul to Petite-Ile. La Saline lagoon, with its warm and shallow waters would surely ignite your passion. A honeymoon in Réunion would be a spectacular start to your marital life.

Réunion is an island of many secrets, waiting to be unlocked. Do not miss out on the unique opportunity to visit the fauna and flora of Réunion, the blue lagoon and botanical garden with qualified guides who will reveal the hidden mysteries of Réunion’s depths.

What you should know before booking

The official language is French, however many Réunion residents speak Creole. English is not widely spoken on Réunion, particularly in rural areas. As part of France, the official currency is the Euro. There are many ATM’s located around the island that accept most major international credit cards. While most businesses will accept Visa and MasterCard, it is always advised that you have some cash on you as some of the smaller towns may not be credit-card friendly. Some businesses do not accept credit card payments for small purchases – generally below 15 Euros.

Island’s weather information:

Réunion benefits from a tropical climate softened by the breeze of the Indian Ocean. The sun shines all year round, especially in the North, West and South of the island.
The year is divided up into two long periods: the warm and humid season, from November to April, and the fresher and drier season which runs from May to October. The summer period reaches its peak between January and February with temperatures well over 30° by the coast while the winter is brings fresher weather between July and August with temperatures around 24-25°. However, beware if you are heading up into the mountains, the drop in temperature can come as a shock.


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