An Island of Unparalleled Richness

Réunion, born from the union of fire and water, is an island of unparalleled richness, a jewel of the Indian Ocean who surprises, enchants, captivates and wins over all who visit her. Although small, you will never be bored there as it is an active island, with its ever-changing scenery. In the past centuries, this island has welcomed Arab, Portuguese, British and Dutch sailors who stopped there to replenish water and food stores, and several Frenchmen started to settle there later accompanied by their servants from Madagascar, including some women. With an active volcano on its south coast, 17 miles of warm, welcoming beaches in the west, and many mountains and forests in between, Réunion Island offers vacation opportunities ranging from the relaxing to the truly adrenalin fuelled.

Situated to the South-West of the Indian Ocean, Réunion is one of its youngest islands born 3 million years ago, it still has a highly mountainous relief with continued volcanic activity today. With the combined forces of the ocean, the air and the movements of the earth’s crust, an island of astonishing scenery has risen from the sea, with a wide diversity of landscapes, climates and natural habitats: sunny beaches, a young lagoon with a thousand corals, calderas sculpted by erosion overlooked by the magnificent Piton des Neiges, the highest point in the Indian ocean (3,071 metres), ancient forests, a glowering volcano, unique birds, wild orchids, and much more.

This sunny little outpost of France is undoubtedly an original tropical destination in more ways than one. Réunion is a world in its own right, no other island of its size offers as many attractions and surprises. Réunion: an island with a world of riches which will open its arms to you!



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Saint Denis



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