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Saint-Denis is the official administrative capital of Réunion, located on the island’s northernmost point, close to the mouth of the Rivière Saint-Denis. The capital is an essential introduction to the multiple, flavoursome colours of Réunion.

North Region

The northern region of Réunion includes the capital Saint Denis and includes the towns of Sainte-Suzanne, Sainte Clotilde, Sainte-Marie and La Montagne. Much of the region enjoys a hot and humid tropical climate which contributes to the rich vegetation of the land. The north of the island is also its cultural centre with its arts scene as diverse and vibrant as the people of Réunion itself.

South Region

The vast wild south of Réunion consists of various towns and communes including le Tampon, la Plaine des Cafres, Saint Philippe, Saint-Joseph, Saint Pierre, Saint-Louis, Les Avirons, Cilaos and Étang-Salé. The active volcano Piton de la Fournaise is also located in the south.

West Region

The west of the island consists of various towns and communes including La Possession, La Saline, Saint-Paul, le Port, Trois-Bassins and Mafate. The drier and sunnier climate combined with almost all of the island’s best beaches being located along the 27 kilometre strip of sandy coast, make this the most touristic region of Réunion.

East Region

The eastern region of Réunion consists of various towns including Saint-André, Saint-Benoît, Sainte-Anne, Bras Panon, Sainte-Rose and Salazie. The area benefits from the right combination of sun and the rain that have made the East coast of Réunion the fertile region that it is. Nestled against plantations of sugarcane, litchis, bichiques (inlets where fish fry, eaten curried, are fished), this region between Saint-André and Sainte-Rose offers beautiful and easy walks amongst luxuriant vegetation.


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